14.12.17 The Nativity Story

This week we have combined our literacy work with our religious education lessons and we have been writing The Nativity Story. We have really enjoyed reading lots of different examples of the story and have enjoyed talking about the differences. We have then applied what we have learnt and have written our own versions of the story which we are really proud of.
In maths we have been learning all about patterns and sequences. We enjoyed learning how to identify a pattern and then trying to explain what a pattern was and what might come next in existing patterns and sequences. We have also been making patterns of our own and continuing patterns and sequences that others have already made. We have also had great fun problem solving with pattern and giving reasons for why we think a certain colour, number or shape might come next.
We have also enjoyed a session of scooter skills with Sustrain. It was great to learn new skills and to talk about how to keep safe when riding our scooters. We really hope to use these skills and to ride our scooters to school more often!
We have also enjoyed putting the finishing touches to our nativity play. We are really looking forward to performing it to you all!