14.06.19 Transition into butterflies.

Today we transitioned into one very long caterpillar and dressed up in green and black for legs. We all arrived excited then set to work on our jobs independently. Maddie rang the bells and we started together time  but we had a big problem we sang our song but couldn’t find our days of the week for our story, so we came up with a plan- to go and ask our friends in the big school.
The children asked to go to Mrs Evans class to see if they were there. We found our first day of the week wriggling through the reception class. Then arrived at Mrs Evans class and found our second day of the week. Mrs Evans asked us how many days we had to find?. The children replied singing their days of the week song. The children were so good at moving their caterpillars body and feet and searched every class even climbing all the stairs to the very big children.
The children’s favourite place was the exciting library and we found another day of the week on the wooden boat but we still couldn’t find two. Then our caterpillar got hungry and we had to wriggle to the kitchen where we found another day of the week. The last day was hiding in the office with Marie and we sang to Marie before arriving home to sample all the fruits from the story. We also tried leaves that caterpillars eat. 
After we had another challenge to paint the longest caterpillar that had ever been created in nursery, look out for this soon in the entrance of nursery.
Then we had fun with the parachute and played fruit salad. We crawled under and over the parachute finding our fruits and we wriggled our caterpillar parachutes body. We had so much fun and ended our caterpillar sponsored wriggle with sleeping in our cocoon parachute and bursting out flying around the nursery garden with our butterfly wings. We must have wriggled miles today, watch out next week for our total mileage. 
Please don’t forget to bring in your sponsored money next week so we can tick off the children’s list of ideas.