13.10.17 emoji madness!

What another great week!
This week we have been making lanterns for the annual torchlight carnival! (Please return slips asap if you would like to come so that we make sure you are allocated one of our super lanterns!)
Our theme has been emojis! It has been great to talk about all of our different emotions and how we express them through facial expressions! 
We cannot wait to show our hard work! Please come along and support such a fantastic local event!
In year 2 science we carried on our work on animals including humans by looking more closely at how we change. We talked about the different stages of life and how we change during each one. We talked about the six stages and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
During our discussion we decided that we wanted to know more! We couldn't decide whether it was better to be a younger or older child and whether you got faster at doing things as you got older, so we decided to do an experiment!
First we brainstormed ideas for the things we could do and time!
We decided to try cutting a piece of paper! We planned our experiment, before inviting down some super Year 5 children to come down and join in the fun!
We then made our predictions...here are some of them!
'l think younger children will be faster because they have more energy!'
'I think older children because they have had more practice!'
'I think younger children because they do more crafts and cutting and sticking!'
'I think older children because they are quicker and have stronger muscles!
We all had a go at cutting the paper and Mrs.Matthews timed everyone!
The results provided us with LOTS of discussion!
We carried on our seasonal art by making some beautiful paper leaves!
We learnt how to apply some simple folds to paper to achieve some really beautiful effects!