13.09.19 Exploring our first rainbow colour- Red

This week all the children arrived with big smiles on their faces and were eager to get started.
After starting their new jobs they waved off their adult and set to independently exploring their environment.
We are looking at the colour red - that is until we mixed it with other colours. This was a wow moment at times for the children who loved mixing paints, glitter and food colourings. 
We researched what red foods were healthy for our body and enjoyed sampling strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon and red grapes. The children added more fruit and made fruit salads which they got to take home. But the children’s favourite moment this week was when they received a red toothbrush and toothpaste which they got to take home. Happy brushing everyone.
The children were so delighted to stay for lunch and we’re lucky enough to have snack outside.