12.10.18 Noah’s Ark & much more...

This we have been exploring bibles stories. After a class vote, we decided to do more work on Noah’s Ark. First we read the story and then we split into groups and each took a part of the story to bring to life using drama. We then performed our parts to the class and took pictures of the tableaux that we had created. We then used each of the tableau pictures everyday to help us to remember each part of the story and to write our own story of Noah’s Ark.
Ordering amounts, numbers and learning about mathematical language for comparing amounts.
This week we all celebrated mental health week. We shared a story, ‘R U OK?’ And then we enjoyed talking about all the things we need to do keep ourselves happy and healthy. Finally we talked about what to do if we don’t feel ok and came up with our own ideas on how to ‘recentre’ ourselves. We shared some fantastic strategies before producing a poster to celebrate them.
We also carried out a senses experiment in science. We wanted to know if two eyes are better than one! We had great fun building towers with and without an eye patch! We learnt that two eyes are definitely better as they work together to give us a better sense of distance.
We hope you enjoy the rest of the week and have a super weekend!