11.11.18 Poppy Day.

The children were really interested on Thursday and asked why all of the key workers in nursery were wearing a red flower on their clothes. So we looked at the red flower and discovered it was called a poppy. We asked Jacqui and Debbie why they had these flowers pinned on their clothes. The children listened and asked more questions, I explained to the children that we would have to research on the Internet to find out our answers. 
The children discovered poppies were made of red and purple flowers and at one time poppies were green. We also discovered why we wear poppies and the children explored different videos and pictures of soldiers and the 2 world war scenes.All the children enjpyed learning about the war and especially enjoyed hearing the different noises from the war- air raid sirens, explosions and the bugle instrument.
The children went off and independently designed their poppies in a manner of different ways. The children's favourite poppy was purple.