11.01.19 We've entered the new year.

Welcome back. All the children have had a really good holiday and have been sharing their own experiences with each other. It was lovely to hear the children enjoyed their turkey and Brussels sprouts after our exploring through tastes before the holidays.
We have had a really good start back exploring all the environment and attempting every activity. The children have practicised writing their names, exploring our numbers of the new year, created star cakes with our playdough, making new enclosures for the dinosaurs, creating parking bays for our cars and rode our sleigh to our house.
The children have worked very hard researching our seasons and months of the year. The children have sang, ordered and jumped on the months of the year. They have created an amazing Gruffallo Calender through the Autumn and Winter seasons.
Outside fun this week involved driving our cars through Macdonalds drive-thru, writing our name in the ice and snow, building a new brick house, filling and creating a castle in the sand, playing football and tennis with a friend, marking out our parking bays for our cars and bikes,