10.11.17 Nursery Rhyme time

It's Nursery Rhyme Week,
The kids have had lots of fun this week and have blasted out of a rocket, been on a bus and rowed a boat till a crocodile came. Then there's the cooking- we have made currant buns, hot cross buns, the queen was here too and we tried curds and whey. The kids loved singing about This old man- and they used his song to place the rhyming words together. At the maths corner we explored 1 potatoe, 2 potatoes, 3 potatoes and lots more. We counted the frogs leaping into the pond and the ducks swimming back. But our favourite nursery rhyme this week was Sleeping Bunnies- ask your children but be warned they will make you go to sleep then wake you up for hopping time. I think it's time for a well earned rest now. Then on to next week for Friendship week.
Thankyou to all the parents this week for attending the meetings. If you need any further help please ask your child's keyworker in the nursery.