10.05.19 Our caterpillars are hungry.

Our children have been really excited this week as they have chosen a very wriggly and munching story. This week we have been looking at The Hungry Caterpillar and The Crunching Munching Caterpillar.
The children have investigated the life cycle of a caterpillar and have created lots of different shaped caterpillars. They have used their playdough to roll out long caterpillars. Their favourite activity was making their own caterpillars through their cooking session this week and they rolled a sausage roll, placed a tomato for his face, grapes for his legs and then laid it on a leaf to munch its way through.
The children went on a bug hunt to find a caterpillar, we struggled to find one although we thought we had found one in a cocoon but it was empty. We searched everywhere and found lots of creatures in their natural habitats. We even found a spider sack full of eggs. The children let the bugs crawl across their hands and they counted all of the creatures body parts.
Also this week we have been planting more seeds and tending to the gardens vegtable plants. Our pea plants are looking amazing and are starting to climb up our sticks. We also have mint and marrows doing well. The children  enjoyed planting and have requested  to get some fruit trees soon. 
The children were so engaged this week and completed a numeral caterpillar body on the whiteboard. I challenged the children to 20 and they completed this so quickly.  They noticed two different body shapes used on the game and used these shapes within their environment to create caterpillars.