10.01.20 Welcome Back

We have a great week- kick starting the New Year!
This week our focus story has been 'The Gingerbread Man'. We have used the story as a stimulus for a busy week of learning across the curriculum. 
During P.E we worked on different ways of travelling and moving across, over and under different apparatus. The children were able to use different parts of the body to move across the apparatus. We learnt about techniques to support us balancing and ways to safely jump and land.  
From our class discussion following the story. It was mentioned that the Gingerbread Man should of swam across the river so he didn't get eaten. Other children in the class thought that this wasn't the best idea as he would get soggy. From this we explored what would happen to the Gingerbread Man if he did get wet. We placed Gingerbread Men in different substances such as, milk, water, oil and vinegar to see what would happen.
We decided that the Gingerbread Man could not swim across the river as he would swell up, loose his colour and break up into pieces. Another idea was to make a boat! From this we explored different materials to see why things float and sink. Next week we are going to use our knowledge to build boats from different materials. 
We have also been talking about measure, comparing different Gingerbread Men by size and using cubes to find out. We have been writing speech bubbles for our guided writing session. We have been using the I-Pads to complete a counting game.