10.01.20 Time to build our home.

We have started the term very independently. The children have started their learning through our new topic habitats. Our first look at houses was through The 3 little pigs story. The children have discovered they are just like the three pigs and now are learning to become independent people. They have been set many tasks and created many objects like the three pigs did in the story. The children explored building in many different ways. 
The children have been very busy retelling the story of The 3 little pigs. They used puppets and built their houses using different materials along their journey. The children’s favourite character was the big bad wolf and  they acted out the story outside using the playhouse as the safe brick house. They growled and they huffed and puffed while recreating their story.
We loved our new music session with Anne today. We sang and then hid under our scarves. We sang up hi and down low. We whispered and wriggled our songs. We passed and passed and passed and stopped our music and we ended our session through the piano flowing music. It was so much fun.
Our new children have had great fun at exploring their new habitat. They have managed to find their name and peg and hung their coats up. They have had a try at building and have made an underwater house. One of the children even made a birthday cake for one of the pigs. But most of all the children enjoyed building the bricks up to make a house.