10.01.18 Happy New Year

Happy New Year
to you all and your families.
We have smashed our way into our new year with our topic on new begginings and winter. The children have learnt about the way different countries celebrate the new year. They have looked at when a new year starts on a clock and what month we start on.
The children have loved looking at time, they have explored each number on the clock face and know what the hands are for. I set them a challenge to place the hands onto a clock and then tell me the time. They are starting to use bedtime, lunchtime, home time first. We have explored the different months and numbers of the year and on a Calender.
We have set ourselves some New Years resolution challenges and they are to help with our learning and becoming more independent. The children have set me a target to get some new scooters so watch this space parents I may need your help. Please can I also ask if anyone has a birdhouse or feeder you are not using and could send in for us to use that would be fabulous as we have bird seed and as this is the favourite activity in the garden we would like to explore this further and look at habitats and food.
Thankyou to everyone who has started your winter projects and for handing in your snack money. If you haven't done this already please can I have it next week so we can prepare for our snack yummy treats and our cooking sessions.
Please remember you child's coat everyday and their bag of clothes as we will be outside in the water whatever the weather.
The children have another busy week ahead and are looking at Penguins next week.