09.11.18 Light, lanterns and fireworks!

We started the week with a super assembly about Remembrance Sunday which we followed up in class. We talked about why we remember and what we do to remember. We also looked at the significance of the poppy in remembering. Finally we put our hands together and we created our own special class poppy wreath to remember.
In English we have been learning about the gunpowder plot. We looked at what happened and then we had a go at sequencing the events ourselves. We wrote questions that we would like to ask Guy Fawkes and we even created a wanted poster for him.
We have also been enjoying our new PE topic of dance. We started this week by creating a dinosaur dance to some super dinosaur music! It was a stomping success!
We have also been busy creating our lanterns for the torchlight carnival! Check out our planet earth lanterns! We would really love as many parents Andy children to come along as possible to support us and to celebrate all our hard work, so please sign up on parent pay and you will get allocated one of our amazing lanterns!