09.11.18 A Blast into Nursery.

Nursery have been on fire this week with their learning through play. The children have made rockets using their new shapes, chalked raging bonfires, cooked stew and soup on the pretend fire pit and decorated a firework biscuit with firework colours the children had seen in their gardens.
All of this firework and festival researching lead us to the festival called Diwali, the children loved learning about a new festival, we looked at who celebrates this festival and what Hindu people believe within this festival. The children really enjoyed cutting out their own lanterns, making diva lamps, designing henna hands, cooking and eating new flavours of foods, discovering new ways of life and beliefs, dressing up  and lighting our diva lamps for peace to everyone.
The children have worked so hard this week on naming their shapes. All the children were challenged to create different rocket shapes and shapes on the playdough table. Lots of the children drew shapes outside on the floor and found shapes in the garden sand, mud and water.