09.11.17 Sparkle & Shine!

Firstly, we hope you all had a super weekend that hopefully went with a bang and that you all managed to enjoy  some fireworks to celebrate the 5th of November!
It certainly sounded like the children had enjoyed all of the fun as they all had something to share about their super weekends!
This week has seen us begin with work on our reading and comprehension skills. First we worked on reading a text and taking our time to really understand what we had read. We then worked together on learning some of the skills necessary to retrieve and interpret information from texts. We began by reading a question together and discussing where we could find the answer before deciding on the answer and being ready to give evidence from the text to support. It was very tricky to begin with, but we made a really good start at improving our skills.
We have also been using the topic of fireworks in our English. First we looked at safety and we watched some clips of children playing with sparklers. Some of us were also able to talk about when we had used sparklers. Next we discussed what safety means and how important it is to keep safe. Finally we wrote our own unique guides to sparkler safety.
On the topic of safety we enjoyed a great assembly on being safe and seen!
In maths we have continued looking at addition and subtraction, but this time we have had to find the information and work out which method to use to find the answer. We have really enjoyed using and applying our skills to problem solve and we have successfully demonstrated how we can solve problems using the addition and subtraction methods that we have learnt.
In topic we have learnt all about the gunpowder plot. We enjoyed retelling the story and then creating some fabulous firework pictures to celebrate!
A member of our class, Kelsey, treated us to some extra homework that she had done. Inspired by our recent topic, she filmed an unexpected visitor in her garden! We had great fun watching her video and talking about it. Thank you Kelsey!
To finish of the week, we held a minute silence to remember the fallen and celebrate rememberance day. We learnt all about the significance of this event and after recalling some facts we all coloured a poppy to remember the soldiers and we put them all together to make our own poppy wreath.
Have a super weekend!