09.09.19 Time to Come and Play.

Wow! Our new Nursery children have entered the building. They have burst through the doors and with their parents explored every piece of our environment from painting to colour co-ordinating our pegs in their correct holes. Our new parents have been very impressed with our environment and are excited about their children making a great leap in exploring our environment independently on Monday...
Through the come and play sessions, children excitedly found their bumble bee pegs and then explored their chosen activities; they really investigated each area fully. I had some lovely eggs boiled for me and placed on toast, I think I will go back this week for some banana cake that I’ve been promised in our play house. 
Debbie and the children had lots of fun with the bubbles as she described each size with the children and they watched their bubbles float through the sky in the wind - finally popping, the children jumped up and down with excitement. 
Deborah was busy making ice-creams and creating different sized sand castles while digging with the children. Next they placed on their favourite toppings and wafer sticks. 
After we had a lovely story with animals, we enjoyed shaking our different animal body parts to show we were happy. Finally, we shared snack with all our friends. Just before home we shared our nursery rhyme song: Twinkle, Twinkle. Wow - we were busy little bees!
I wonder what fun we will get up to next week..........................