09.02.18 The Three P's-Pancakes,Porridge and Party.

Food Glorious Food-
The children have been so busy this week preparing food for winter. They have explored why we need to eat warm foods through the winter and what foods would be best to eat to keep us healthy- porridge, weetabix, pasta.  We have also looked at foods that are made from ice and foods that can be frozen. The children enjoyed sampling lots of different variations of cold, yoghurt's, ice cream, ice cubes in drinks, frozen fruits.
We have explored the reasons why we have pancake day and how it first started, the children decided they wanted to make their own using eggs, flour, lemonade, sugar, milk and chocolate so they weighed out their ingredients but soon discovered it didn't work so they had a break and listened to a story of Mr Wolf's Pancakes. Through the story the children learnt how to make a pancake and could explain to Maddie what ingredients they needed. This time it worked and the children were delighted they topped their pancake and ate it all up.
The children have loved making their own pancakes out of playdough, paper, paint and their favourite weighing the ingredients out on the scales and writing down the numbered weight.
Outside this week we have made porridge pies, retold the story of The Magic Porridge Pot until our garden was full with porridge. We have had pancake races. We have even explored blocks of ice in our water tray- Thankyou to the weather we have experienced for the first time snowflakes on our jumpers. The children's faces were amazing. Now we just needs a lot more to build our snowman please.
Thankyou to all of the parents this week too for sharing your child's learning journey with them. It was so lovely to see them excitedly explain the fun and learning that they have been doing. Your feedback was so positive about our learning journeys and your written comments showed how proud you are of your children. Bring on the next stage in our learning where we are off around the world after the holidays. China first but no orders yet please as the take away has to go through the planning application first he, he, he.
Dates for your diary-
Monday 19th February- Nursery first day back,
Tuesday 20th February- Sponsored Bike event, Bring your wheels to school.
Wednesday 21st February- Healthy eating workshop,
Thursday 1st March- World Book Day, 
Have a lovely break- see you all soon.