09.02.18 Music Day

We have had a wonderful whole school music day full of fantastic new music learning.
In Mrs Edyvean's class the children designed and made their own musical instruments after investigating the instruments we have in school.
Mrs Evans' class described the sounds that instruments made and how the instruments are played.
Key Stage 1 composed their own dragon music as part of their topic learning and created a graphic score. They also wrote their own castle song and created their own dragon dances.
Year 3 linked Maths and Music together by using a Carroll diagram to sort the music they could hear being played.
Year 4 developed their singing skills and the names for the different parts of songs, such as verse, chorus, introduction and bridge.
Year 5 used the elements of music to compose their own songs about the rainforest, linking this to their topic.
Year 6 used the Chromebooks to access Charanga. They explored different pieces of music and experimented with tempo, pitch and volume.
The choir performed some of the songs they will be singing at the Hall for Cornwall later this month in our whole school assembly. 
Our violin children and guitar children also demonstrated their skills.