08.10.18 Autumn colours

This week in nursery we have been investigating our autumn leaf colours. The children have really enjoyed collecting all the objects falling from the trees and creating brown/orange characters. We started with the Gruffallo and the children giggled as their feet were painted with their mixed colours to make brown. The children were so inspired by the Gruffallo story that they made their own paper bag hats, Gruffallo characters out of playdough and even used blocks to walk like a Gruffallo. Their learning was endless and continued all over the nursery by drawing characters to sticking purple prickles everywhere and the children were set a challenge which they worked as a team to place numbered  Gruffallo footprints across the nursery floor- they counted all the way up to 18. 
The children used musical toys for different parts of the story to show the characters feelings. Julia Donaldson had created a song about her character so we had a try at signing while singing. The children are really good at signing. 
Our learning followed into brown and the children discovered hedgehogs. The children made a list of all the things they wanted to find out about these animals. Then they built little hideaways for our hedgehogs to be safe in.They made spiky hedgehogs out of playdough and found spiky shells from our chestnut tree. The children also used leaves to stick on their hedgehog body.
Outside the children created different enclosures and dens to hide away from the Autumn weather. The children's favourite was collecting the rakes and pulling a big pile of leaves together and jumping in, kicking them all around and using them in their artwork.