08.01.18 Money, money, money!

This week we have been looking at money in maths. Our first challenge was to order a set of coins according to their value. We then moved on to identifying p and £ before writing the value of each coin. It was great to manipulate coins and to talk about the metals they were made out of and what shape and size they were.
Next we moved onto counting amounts and pairing them with their value. We also used coins to make different amounts. We had some great discussions about the different ways that you could make different amounts of money. We also used the knowledge that we had gained to problem solve with money. We had great fun talking about the money and coins that could be in our purses and giving reasons why.
In topic we have really begun our castles work! We started by learning all about the different parts that make up a castle. We really enjoyed finding out about the different features and what they are called and what their job is! We then used what we had learnt to label our own castle before having a go at building our own castles using ICT! A super cross-curricular afternoon!
In science the year 1s have been identifying different materials. We enjoyed finding out about the different materials and then playing a game where we had to look at the object and decide the material it was made out of! We had some interesting conversations, especially about a diamond!
What a super first full week back! Well done all and have a great weekend!