07.09.18 We have come to stay and play

Welcome To The Nursery........…....
Today for the very first time the children arrived with smiles on their faces and wriggly fingers waving ready to explore. 
Each child took their Mum and Dad to fly their hot air balloon in the sky then it was time to seek out the environment.
The children's favourite activities were the cars, catching numbered fish with our fishing lines, making fish and people out of  playdough and mixing colours on the painting table- although the messy flour was really fun too.
Oh I must not forget my lovely cup of coffee and pizza made by the children for me all day today in the house--I'm so full now. 
After the children had explored we all sat together on the bug rug for a lovely story. I'm so glad the children could help me open each door on my story book. It was called Dear Zoo. The children even made the noises that the animals made. At the end of our story it was time to go home. We said our goodbyes and off the children waved smiling, skipping and saying "We will come back".
The children have had so much fun today and so have the staff. We have really enjoyed meeting all our new children and can't wait for next week to meet you all again.