06.10.17 Cool cakes and crafty creations!

Another fabulous start to the week, this time of an edible kind as Sandy hosted its annual bake, eat cake and make money for Macmillan. We were overwhelmed with your generosity as usual as so many cakes and donations were brought in for the event. It was also great to see so many of you coming along and enjoying a cake and cuppa and giving up your precious time to do so! A fabulous family event, well done and thank you again!
This week we have continued looking at the story of the Gruffalo. We began the week by focussing on adjectives. First we brainstormed some adjectives to describe the gruffalo, then we used them to put together character description. We wrote some great sentences and we even included some great noun phrases.
Next we looked at different sentences. We talked about statements, questions, commands and exclamations. We then used our knowledge of the story to write six different sentences of different types to match key pictures from the story.
Finally we tried to imagine how scary it would be if a Gruffalo existed! We talked about how we could catch one - by making a trap. We came up with lots of ideas and then we drew and wrote about our own.
In maths we have been exploring the part/part/whole method in many different ways and representations to begin our work on addition and subtraction. We have also used apparatus to make sums, we have drawn visual representations of sums and we have then moved in to writing number sentences as well. We have also looked at known facts and using inverse to check calculations.
We have also been selecting our own equipment to help us to solve our maths problems.
We were also treated to a fantastic safety assembly from Kier and we learnt all about how to be safe around the building site. We even met Kieran, the site safety mascot!
In art we have continued our seasonal art and this week we have been making paper leaves! Check out our fabulous creations!
Finally, as the week has drawn to an end we have brightened up even the dullest weather by beginning the schools Torchlight Carnival preparation - emoji style! We are hoping that as many pupils and their families will come as possible! We will be sending home letters shortly, so if you would like to come please return one of the forms asap to ensure that you get an amazing emoji lantern for the event!
Thank you, have a super weekend!