06.07.18 On our journey.

We have been so lucky with the weather that we have been able to have more time learning in our garden. This week has been very busy with numeracy and literacy. We have wrote all over the garden on boards, paths, car number plates, leaves and in fluffy clouds in the tuff spot tray. We have used our numbers for counting objects and numerals for writing how many objects we can find, numerals on number plates and then there was numbers on our bottles that we had to fill to the correct number.
We had a lot of lovely stories outside and while we listened to the story of The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch we were visited by our very own seagulls. Maddie asked if they liked mustard (please ask your children). We went on a train ride through the garden as we remembered the things we see. The children were able to write the repetitive words in this story. At the end of the week we played Fish, Fish, Shark. The children had to tap each other on the head while making their way around the circle then stop and shout shark. Whoever they stopped at had to be the shark and try to catch them before they got back to their space. The children loved this game and asked to play it again in the day through free play time.
The children have made up actions to go with their baby shark song-watch this space for our singalong here we come..... Can all children start to learn the words at home song sheets to follow soon. Hopefully you have all had your pirate dress up outfit letter for this singalong and I look forward to our parrot making session soon to wear on their shoulder.
Please no swords or guns as we are moving with actions through our songs.
We have also had a lot of visits from numerous new butterflies and we have been researching on the Internet as to which butterfly or caterpillar family these are from.
Please can you make sure you are applying sun cream to your children in the morning as we are starting the day off very hot. The children are out the garden from early morning and throughout the day. We shall help your children to rub another lot of sun cream in at lunchtime. Thankyou to all the parents that have put two bottles of juice in for their children as they are drinking a lot throughout the sessions and to the parents that have checked their children's sun cream level. 
Datesfor your diary:
13th July- Introduction to Makaton sign language.
19th July - 2pm Pirate singalong end of year celebration.
20th July- End of term finish at 2pm.