05.12.19 Winter is here!

The cold and frosty mornings this week have fueled our Winter Topic. This week in Reception we have been talking about and exploring ice. Mrs Evans froze toy characters into balls of ice and the children had fun experimenting how they could melt the ice to retrieve the characters. 
We have a little visitor that has joined our class- Fred the elf! Each morning Fred has been getting himself into a bit of mischief, this morning the children found him eating biscuits, making a big mess in the role play kitchen. However yesterday he brought a can of snow into the classroom. We didn't know what to expect when we opened the can! We followed the instructions inside to make a large jug of snow by adding water to the white crystals and stirring. We had great fun playing with the snow in the tuft spot with the polar animals. 
We noticed a little door has appeared into the tree in the writing area. We think it must be Fred the elf's magic door. The children have enjoyed writing Christmas Cards to Fred and posting them in the post box in the area.