05.10.19 Marvellous Maple!

What a super week and eventful week! From meeting Maple, our new PAT dog, to eating cake then to raising money for Macmillan  and finally to celebrating all things music in a Rocksteady music workshop, we really have enjoyed every second of every school day this week!

Previously, we were delighted to inform you that we have registered for the Pets As Therapy READ 2 DOGS programme, which is designed to give pupils the opportunity to increase their confidence of, and enjoyment in reading. 

Each week Mrs Bawden’s Pets As Therapy registered dog Maple will come to school to work with a small number of childrenIf your child is chosen to be a part of the programme you will be informed separately. Maple is a one year old Cocker Spaniel and she will remain under the close supervision of Mrs Bawden throughout each visit. All sessions will take place at school and within the school day.

READ 2 DOGS give children a private opportunity to practise and enjoy reading, away from their peers, to an audience that will enjoy the experience. This will be a special time for the children as they read their chosen book to Maple, as well as having a chance to get to know the dog as the weeks progress.

This week, we were lucky enough to meet Maple, as Mrs.Bawden brought her for a special assembly! Immediately the children were amazed by her, as showed off how clever she was by ringing a bell to receive a treat! We are really looking forward to working with her.

Finally please remember to keep practicing phonics and words everyday (every little bit of time makes such a difference to your child’s progress in reading and writing) and to keep signing in the yellow reading diary and making a note of what you have done!
Thank you for your continued support!
We hope you have all had a great week and enjoy a relaxing weekend!