05.10.18 All things fruity.

This week we have been investigating fruit.The children had watched a heathy eating program that explained we needed to eat 5 portions of fruit a day. They requested to make a fruit salad and they prepared and chopped and tried their own fruit salad and then took it home to share with their family. Hope you all got a chunk. 
The children were challenged to find the correct fruit on the interactive whiteboard and this observed my instructions then quickly accepted the challenge. The children amazed me with their knowledge they had learnt over the past few days and successfully they placed their fruit in the correct box. Once they had checked they let their friend have their turn.
We had lots of new fruits for snack as we visited Africanour fruit story. Handa was the little girl we met and she carried a fruit basket on her head. We tried this and it was very tricky. After we had role played Handa we cut up the new fruits to try at snack time. The passion fruit got a wow at the sight of the seeds inside then a yuck when we asked the children to touch or taste it.
The children have said this story is their favourite so far and have asked to do more cutting and cooking next week.
 Maybe it will be the owl ice cream, roasted fox or scrambled snake but my vote will always be the Gruffallo crumble, I wonder what the children will vote for................
  Oh and let's not forget about our shapes and our writing this week.