05.04.19 Easter Time.

The children have had a very physical week. We have looked at the Easter story and why we celebrate Easter. We have tasted foods that are special to Christian people. We looked at how we celebrate Easter within our own families. The children asked a lot of questions about new life especially through our tadpoles research and the Easter story. They painted and stuck Easter chicks and they made nests for their chicks eggs. The children also  got very excited when they received a challenge from the Easter bunny, he had hidden numbered eggs around the environment and the children had to find each number and then lay them down in the correct order. If they got it correct then number 10 could be opened and the children could find their reward. The children leapt to the window when they heard he had hidden real chocolate eggs in the garden for them to find. The children really enjoyed running about the garden filling up the baskets and then sharing them all out equally. The Easter bunny even left his carrots too which the children collected too and counted them all up on their numbers.
Thankyou to all the parents and children that brought in an Easter bonnet. They were all amazing. We set off on our parade around the school with the adults and children in reception praising Nursery children's efforts through clapping and pointing to their favourite hats.It was hard to choose a winner. Well done to all winners and especially a big well done to all the family shared time to make this happen.
Have a wonderful Easter break with all your families.