05.02.18 Feeling Esafe!

Our assembly this week introduced the children to the very important topic of health and well being. It was really good for the children to understand the importance of this and how it can affect their learning. We talked about different feelings and looking after them to make sure that we feel happy and positive. We also discussed strategies for what to do if need help. It was really good to think about all of the things that contribute to a happy and healthy lifestyle.
To support our learning about feelings we carried on our work on Zog by identifying the kind of character he was on the inside and then on the outside. We really enjoyed developing a list of adjectives to describe how Zog felt through this time at school. We then used some of these adjectives to describe how he felt at dragon school. We then went on to use these adjectives and magpie more to help us to write school report for Zog. We enjoyed thinking about his performance and his positivity and it made us really think about our attitude to school and tasks that we find hard.
In maths we have continued our work on multiplication and division by working in sharing out equal amounts. We looked at identifying totals and then discussing ways of sharing them. We used manipulatives and jottings to help us to group and share amounts equally. We then worked on writing number sentences to describe our jottings.
In ICT we carried on our important work in Esafety. This week we focused on feelings and how situations that occur when we are using technology can affect the way we feel. We discussed different feelings using emojis and then we played a compass game where we had to listen a scenario and then stand by the compass point emoji to express it would make us feel. We enjoyed sharing our reasons for the emojis that we chose and then we enjoyed sharing ideas and tips for what we could do if we were faced with one of the scenarios that we had listened to. 
In music we learnt about percussion and how we only need our bodies to create a composition. We talked about the different body parts that we could use and then we got into groups to practise using our chosen body part. We worked on pitch and tempo and then we came back together as a class to perform a little body percussion performance.