04.06.18 Spreading our wings

Welcome Back to this term of capturing new experiences.
We have started the new term with the entering of our butterflies into this world. The children got really excited on Monday when they arrived and noticed that the cocoons were empty. Then as they looked through the net they noticed we had a few butterflies holding onto the net. They counted how many were there's do then wrote down the number on their notepads. Some of the children really enjoyed looking closely at their patterns and shapes on their wings. The children asked lots of questions about the butterflies and we looked in information books to find out the answers. Some of the children watched the life cycle on the Internet. The children discovered that a caterpillar sheds his outer skin to cocoon and a cocoon turns black when it's ready to open. We looked at butterflies food and we had special monitor duties to mix the food and feed them.
After the children questioned what butterflies would do if you held them so we tried placing our hands in the net slowly and we waited. The butterflies walked onto our hands and they flapped their wings and then they flew off to their flowers the children had chosen for them to smell and eat their pollen from.
While our butterflies rested we hunted for number fun from finding some numbers buried in the sand to numbers on us and numbers outside. We even managed to have a go at writing our numbers,
We have had a very busy and  packed week. This weeks story tale was based around Goldilocks and the three bears but it had a twist-this story showed Goldilocks staying after the Bears came home and they invited Goldilocks for tea. I challenged the children to find ways in the nursery to have Goldilocks to stay for something to eat. They accepted the challenge and set off. We had a picnic lunch created and a teddy tea party. 
We were very lucky because Debbie brought in different breakfast foods from all around the world and we got to try the new foods. It was all very tasty and we learnt about lots of different countries and how far away they were from our country.
We explored the garden fully this week and spent most of our time outside. The children hopped all over the garden on our new hoppers. They built sand castles in the play sand, and chalked  their way all over the garden. One of our children decided to draw her own castle for her teddy bears to live in. It was amazing. 
The water was swishing and the dinosaurs were stomping and the petrol was running out of the cars but it was ok because we had Archie's pull in cafe to stop at.