03.11.17 The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark

The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson was the focus story this week. We have been drawing and labelling the characters from the story. We began making firework pictures and made our own name rocket. We listened to firework music, sang a firework song and used instruments to represent the sounds that fireworks make. 
We used our fine motor skills to thread the pipe cleaners through the holes on the utensil holder to create our own representations of fireworks. We used the hammers to add golf tees and shapes to the pumpkin. We then used the pumpkin seeds to help with our counting in the maths area this week. 
We began learning about Diwali the Festival of Light and we completed the first process in making a Diva lamp with the clay. We used our hands to manipulate the clay and once they are dry we will paint them. Look out for the finished designs next week!
Outside we used the bottle lids to create our own Rangoli patterns and drew patterns with the chalks.
We were very excited to receive a visit from Mrs Bawden and her puppy Maple the Cocker Spaniel. She was delightful and so well behaved, we were all so quiet so we didn't frighten her. Mrs Bawden showed us all the things that Maple needed and explained to us all the things that she has to do to care for Maple. During the visit Maple was so settled that she fell asleep on Mrs Bawden's arm! Thank you Mrs Bawden for bringing in Maple for a visit, we really enjoyed meeting her.