02.11.18 Welcome back & Happy Halloween!

Welcome back everyone, we hope you all had a super break and are ready for,the second half of the autumn term.
Firstly a huge thank you to all of the parents who attended a parents meeting this week. It was great to celebrate your children’s progress so far but also to remind you how important it is to be practising phonics, words and reading everyday so please keep up the hard work with your child, we cannot do it without you!
This week we are focusing on our capital letters, full stops and sentences writing. We have really enjoyed matching upper case letters/capital letters with their lower case representatives. We have written words that need capital letters and we have also corrected sentences using what we have learnt. We look forward to using this in our English work next week.
In maths we have moved onto addition and subtraction starting with the part, part, whole method. 
Our ICT had a spooky theme this week as we used the iPads to program witches and wizards to do lots of weird and wonderful moves. We even worked on debugging our own code.
We have also found time to study Jackson Pollock! We have had great fun paint flicking to create some very effective artwork!