02.11.18 Room on the Nursery Broom.

What a whooshing week it has been. We have been exploring through the Room on the Broom story and have travelled all over the nursery with our learning. 
First the children listened to the story, the children continued their learning by using the characters in the story and even painted the bog. The children came up with all the ideas and drew characters on our broomsticks, made potions for making the dragon sleepy, we found out which object would whoosh the water out really fast just like our broomstick. We collected items in our cauldron to make a spell for a new broomstick but the children's favourite was to make their own wand and set about making their own to use for the torch light carnival.The children were also very excited about Halloween and we had a big discussion about keeping safe and of course what they were going to wear, some of the children said they were going to be a witch like our main character in our story.
We discussed Halloween and looked at the turnip pumpkin Maddie used when she was a little girl but the children said it was not the right colour and was hard to cut shapes into it. They tried to scoop the turnip out in the investigation area but that was so tricky. Everyone voted for pumpkins and not turnips to use for Halloween. Then the subject turned to apple bobbing and we looked at how apples float on the top of the water, the children tried a turnip but that was too heavy and made a big splash when it sunk to the bottom of the water-  I set the children off on a task to find more things around the garden that float like an apple, they found so many things like- sponges, tomatoes,plastic bottles, toy insects, leaves, balls the list goes on.
We also looked at shape this week and placed the shapes into the correct spaces. Those pegs were difficult and we had to count out the correct amount for our numeral shape.
To end our very busy learning week Josie and Jowan made us some red jelly and pink moose as we had been so productive in our learning.
Thankyou to all the parents that have shared their learning journey with their child, don't worry if you haven't as there is time next week.