02.11.17 From Acorn to Mighty Oak!

Welcome back everyone!
We hope you all had a super half term. It has been great to see everyone back refreshed and ready for the second half of the autumn term.
We have started back with real enthusiasm and excitement, it has been fantastic. 
Our first task was to write about what we had been up to in the holidays. We had great fun recounting all of the fantastic places that we had visited and explaining some of the activities that we had taken part in.  It was brilliant to hear all of the news the children had to share. The children were then able to produce a big write using all of their news.
In maths we have continued with our addition and subtraction work. The year 2s have been adding tens and ones in the column method and then moving onto number lines. The year 1s have continued their practical work on addition and surbation using part whole and tens frames. It has been great to see how confident the children are becoming in their maths.
We have also started our topic work with great enthusiasm. We have been learning all about the lifecycle of an oak tree which links nicely to our theme of weather and seasons.
The children really enjoyed finding out about how an acorn becomes a mighty oak tree and as a result they were able to produce some fantastic written explanations about the process.
We also shared a fantastic story about a little acorn to help us with our writing, you might want to share it at home again too!