02.04.19 Tudor Times...

Firstly we hope you all had a great mother’s day and enjoyed your little treats! We didn’t want to post the pics before now because we didn’t want to spoil the surprise but we had great fun making your little gifts and cards!
This week we have been completing our DT project on Buildings. We had great fun using our designs and our shoeboxes to create some excellent Tudor houses. At the end we put them together to create our very own Pudding Lane which is the street that the fire started on during The Great Fire of London.
In PE we have enjoyed lots of ball and bat skills and we talked about how to improve our performance. We also talked about why it is important to try new things and keep fit.
We have also had great fun exploring place value in maths. From more and less to finding the difference we have really been challenging ourselves in our maths.
We have also started to celebrate Easter! Today we had a super Easter egg hunt. We all had to find an plastic egg which we were able to exchange for a chocolate egg at break time.
Finally we hope you all have a fabulous Easter break and here’s hoping for some sunshine and warm weather to lead us into the summer term!