02.03.18 Chinese New Year

We have had such a busy busy short week in nursery.
The children have explored every part of the Chinese New Year from the original story to different foods. We have been learning that it is the year of the dog. All the children discovered what animal year they were born, some in the year of the horse and some in the year of the tiger. 
We have looked at how Chinese people like to celebrate. We made lanterns and placed them all around our Chinese restaurant. We looked at Chinese foods and discovered some of the Chinese spices that go into our foods. We researched why pandas are special to Chinese people then created our own.
And then the cold weather arrived which switched our learning to outside.
The children explored the change in temperature and discovered that water frozen goes solid. We explored snowflake particals and how an icicle forms. We have looked at how we can melt our ice to turn it back into runny pouring form (the children's own words).
We tried to place our footprints in the snow and make a ball with both hands to start a snowman. The children loved sliding, jumping and making snow angels. I can't wait to see pictures of what the children have been up to while being off school in the snow. 
Update on Scooter Fundraiser ..........
Thankyou so much for all your support in raising so much money to fund our new scooters. The children cheered toady when the postman arrived with our first delivery of our scooters. The children had worked so hard in our challenge and between them managed over 100 laps. We raised in total £474.99 this was amazing and I can't thank you all enough for your efforts and sponsors.
With this amount raised it meant we could order our target of 4 scooters which they children had chosen. With so much raised we can now buy extra wheeled toys and learning materials. So we have set the children a debating task to come up with ideas on how to spend this money. They have been asked to think of ideas then we will collaborate our ideas and have a voting session to achive