01.12.17 Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Wow it's the 1st of December and its the children's favourite time of year. There's lots of excitement in nursery as the children start realising what Christmas is all about.
This week we have been discovering what to put on the top of our tree. We've read the Christmas story, Angel stories and stories about stars. The children decided we needed a star on top of ours to shine our way to nursery.
 They have really enjoyed exploring stars and of course made them very shiny with glitter. We have looked at shapes within this topic and have explored the number of sides and pointy edges. We painted stars, created them out of black shiny playdough which the children choose and drew our very own colourful star.
We have also been dressing up as snowflakes in nursery and have been joining in with the nativity story with reception classes. The children loved this and really enjoyed their Mum's, Dad's, Gran's, Grandad's coming to watch them. I was so proud of all the children up on the stage, they did such a good job. I know all the parents thought this too as I could see lots of your smiles.
The children are working so hard and are decorating our classroom ready for our Christmas party. They have started with the Christmas tree and star decorations. Billie the Elf came in with Santa and they have set up a little grotto for children to write letters to Santa. Santa even left his suit for us to dress up in and he left lots of snowy footprints everywhere. Billie is coming back to collect the post and check on the decorating. We better crack on.
Parents please look out for Christmas party letter information this week and please sign up on the food list up on the wall.