01.11.19 Diwali

What a busy first week back after the half term break! Our topic this week has been the Hindu festival of Diwali.
At the beginning of the week we learnt about the story of Rama and Sita through the sacred story. From reading the story during our together time, we learnt about Diwali which is known as ‘The Festival of Lights’.
During another one of our together time sessions this week, we watched how a little girl called Deeya prepares for and celebrates Diwali with her family and friends. From watching Deeya’s story, we also learnt that it is a tradition in India to make little oil lamps called Diva lamps which are lit during Diwali.
Miss Polmounter demonstrated how to use our fine motor skills using our hands and fingers to make our own Diva lamps using clay and then we all had a go at making our own! We are very excited to paint and decorate them next week!
This week we also learnt that Hindu’s wear their best brightly coloured clothes and make lots of homemade foods to share with their friends and families to celebrate Diwali. We had a go at making our own Coconut Barfi sweets which are traditional Indian sweets made during festival time. We all tried them for our snack on Friday afternoon and most of us enjoyed them!
Here are some more photographs capturing our learning this week based on our topic Diwali...
During our phonics sessions this week our focus has been practicing our letter formation using the interactive whiteboard and whiteboards and pens. We have also been learning how to recognise and write some ‘tricky words’ like ‘I’, ‘no’, ‘to’, ‘go’ and ‘the’.